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Why is there only one version of the Beqooni stroller?

The Beqooni has been thought through from beginning to end. He is the pioneer of a new stroller generation that has also thought about tomorrow. The Beqooni brings features with it that nobody has ever thought of before. It focuses on safety, practicality and timeless design with your individual touch. These are classics that will never go out of style.

What is included with the purchase of a Beqooni stroller?

The choice of the stroller should be no agony and the purchase of the stroller no decision that raises further questions and costs. The Beqooni makes the selection easy and becomes a one time investment. From Cup Holder to Sport Seat, from Accessories to Essentials, everything you need and more will be delivered in one package.

Are there any accessories for the Beqooni?

There are a number of accessories available for the Beqooni. The matching footmuff, a large shopper, our mommy bag, the summer seat and, for a bit of variety, our individual hoods. So the Beqooni never goes out of style and always has enough storage space. show more

Can I use the Beqooni with my car seat?

With the car seat adapters included in the set, all commercially available seats can be easily removed from the car and attached to the Beqooni frame. So the Beqooni becomes a 3n1 pram.

Where is the Beqooni made?

The Beqooni is designed in Germany and produced under the strictest guidelines in China. We carry out regular samples and meet all European standards for safety and pollutants. This is guaranteed by TÜV Saar.

What do I do if my Beqooni breaks down?

If the Beqooni breaks down, we recommend first contacting our customer service. Depending on how serious the damage is, we will send you the appropriate spare parts immediately. The Spare Parts can easily be replaced by yourself. In case of more serious damage we have the Beqooni picked up at your place and repaired at our specialist workshop. So that you do not stand without a stroller in the transitional period, we provide you with a "loan" available, so that your everyday life is affected as little as possible.

What material are the tires made of and how robust are they?

The Beqooni drives on specially developed air chamber tires. This makes them particularly robust and yet spring-suspended to drive gently over uneven ground.

How tall is the Beqooni?

Unfolded (frame) with sports seat: 75x61x117cm , folded with sports seat: 85x61x38cm, Sports seat inside: 40x33x80cm, Carrycot: 80x40x60cm.

How heavy is the Beqooni?

The Beqooni is one of the lightest strollers with a maximum weight (when using the carrycot) of 13.8kg. The frame including wheels weighs only 8.5 kg and can thus be optimally transported. The sports seat only weighs 2.9kg. Frame without wheels: 5.6kg Carrycot: 5.3kg.

Is it complicated to build the Beqooni?

No, it's really easy, it only takes a few minutes and no tools are required. If you need help, you can find helpful video tutorials in our Beqooni app. Of course, should something be unclear, our customer service will be glad to help anytime.

Can I only buy the sports seat and the frame?

No, the Beqooni is only available as a 2-in-1 stroller set. The set consists of the following components: - chassis – carrycot – sports seat – a safety bar – mosquito net – rain cover – cup holder – fold-out sun visor – windscreen – sun sail adapter for baby seat – Smart Organizer

Can the sports seat be brought to a horizontal position?

The sports seat can be brought into a resting position, in which the back of your baby is ergonomically optimally supported.

Can you fold the stroller with sports seat?

Yes, the stroller can be folded up with the sports seat and is thus particularly space-saving.

How much weight does the basket hold?

Our basket is loadable up to 3kg.

Which dimensions does the frame have?

Unfolded with wheels: Height: up to 110cm, Length: 75cm, Width: 61cm, Folded with wheels: Height: 33cm, Length: 85cm, Width: 61cm, Folded without wheels: Height: 25cm, Length: 85cm, Width: 49cm.

Where can I report my complaint?

If you want to report a complaint, you can contact our customer service. The easiest way to do this is via our Beqooni app.

Is there an attachment for baby car seats (eg MaxiCosi) for the Beqooni stroller?

Yes, there is. However, one should always keep in mind that paediatricians and orthopedic surgeons for years strongly advised against leaving babies longer than for urgent and short car rides in the car seat. The time in which they can stay in it is stated differently by every pediatrician. An average guideline is a period of 30 minutes and in absolute exceptions 2 hours a day. Although it may seem convenient at first, it is certainly not in the child's benefit to sit longer than necessary in the car seat.

Are there shipping costs?

All orders over a purchase value of 40,00€ are free of charge.

What is the delivery process?

When the delivery is received, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation. The Beqooni will be shipped with DHL. After the goods leave our warehouse, you will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking link from DHL. On the day of delivery, DHL will provide you with a time slot in which the Beqooni will be delivered to you. Alternatively, if you’re not at home, you can give permission to accept the package to a neighbor of your choice.

How long does the delivery take?

The time of delivery depends on the product and the country you are from. Please inform yourself on the product page. In addition we offer a shipping within 24 hours around germany and within 72 world wide. The current time of delivery for the product of your choice can be found on the product page itself. As soon as the Beqooni has been sent to you, you will get a specific date and a delivery confirmation.

In how many packages will the Beqooni be delivered?

We think of our environment and deliver the Beqooni in one package.

Can the Beqooni be shipped outside of Germany?

Yes, we ship the Beqooni worldwide and also offer an express service shipping within 72 hours.

Can I track my package?

As soon as the Beqooni has been send to you, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking code. That way you can track the way of your stroller comfortably from your own home.

How big and heavy is the package?

The package has a size of 53x29x89cm and weighs 19,9kg.

I want to send the stroller back to you and can not fit it into the package. How does it work?

Please use the original packaging if you have to send the stroller back for repairs or for something similar. After announcing the return to us you will receive a label to send it back. You will find instructions on how to correctly pack the stroller in the Beqooni App.

How do I order a Beqooni stroller on

Click on "add to basket" on the product page of the Beqooni stroller. After that you can either continue shopping, save the basket or finish the ordering process.

How can I pay on

You can choose between the following payment methods:

    -credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro)
    -immediate transfer

Why should I buy the Beqooni stroller? What are my advantages?

   - a high quality stroller for a fair price.
   - a personal advisory service.
   - 1 year of full insurance and a lifetime guarantee.
   - quick and reliable shipping.
   - Insured shopping through the Trusted Shop guarantee.
   - access to our personal App for video instructions and more.
   - our customer service is happy to help you anytime.
   - safe and quick payment methods.
   - the possibility to test for 30 days.

Why does Beqooni offer the possibility to test the stroller for 30 days?

We want to give you the possibility to test your future stroller in everyday life and not only in store. That way you can make sure that it fits your trunk, is made for every underground and is everything you want from a stroller.

How does the testing work?

Your test period begins automatically once the purchasing process has been completed an the Beqooni has been sent to you. If it does not convince you within the 30 days, you can send it back to us for free. The purchase price will be refunded as soon as the product has arrived.

Do I have to pay before starting the test?

Yes, the testing period begins after you have purchased and received the Beqooni stroller.

What can I do if I decide to send the Beqooni back to you?

In order to send the Beqooni back, you have to contact us and inform us of your wish. The Beqooni has to be send back in the original packaging. We will agree on a date with you to have the stroller picked up at your place. As an alternative we can send a return label to you. After receiving the product we will pay you back. The whole transport will be free for you. However we can not take on any refunds without them being announced to us before.

How long does the guarantee last?

As we are convinced of the quality of the stroller and want to be by your side the whole time, we offer you a lifetime guarantee.

What can I do, if the Beqooni has been damaged during the transport?

If the stroller has been damaged during the transport, please contact our customer service immediately. We will do anything to find a quick solution for you. You can reach us on working days under +49 (0)024190101788 or under

What does the guarantee cover?

The guarantee covers any damages on the frame and the fabrics of the stroller that have not been caused by you, or through environmental influences.

Does the guarantee also cover the accessories?

Yes, for the first 6 months the guarantee also covers the accessories.