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Why is there only one version of the Beqooni stroller?

The Beqooni has been thought through from beginning to end. He is the pioneer of a new stroller generation that has also thought about tomorrow. The Beqooni brings features with it that nobody has ever thought of before. It focuses on safety, practicality and timeless design with your individual touch. These are classics that will never go out of style.

What is included with the purchase of a Beqooni stroller?

The choice of the stroller should be no agony and the purchase of the stroller no decision that raises further questions and costs. The Beqooni makes the selection easy and becomes a one time investment. From Cup Holder to Sport Seat, from Accessories to Essentials, everything you need and more will be delivered in one package.

Are there any accessories for the Beqooni?

There are a number of accessories available for the Beqooni. The matching footmuff, a large shopper, our mommy bag, the summer seat and, for a bit of variety, our individual hoods. So the Beqooni never goes out of style and always has enough storage space. show more

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