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Be safe with Beqooni

Beqooni Kinderwagen Sicherheit

We have your back

We all strive for it. Security. The Beqooni combi pram is right in the middle and yet right at the front. On a new level. Reflectors on the tyres and the tub are the first step. They attract attention and show pram technology in a new light. For more protection on the road and visibility at night. The pram is always present. Seen and never overlooked.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Sicherheit

Safe into the future

The Beqooni pram. Consciously produced and designed. This is our service for you.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Stabilität

Especially stable

The most important thing you can give your baby - stability. The aluminum frame of the Beqooni combi stroller holds tight. Safe - in every curve and on every surface. Does not rust, but carries and protects. From day one.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Mobilitätsservice

Mobility Service

The biggest adventure is coming up. Every hurdle is taken with ease. If repairs are due, the pram will be picked up at your place. In case of delivery delays, a rental model will be provided.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Vollkasko Versicherung

Grows with your child

Grows with your child. The various attachments guarantee safety and comfort over the entire period of use. With the protective carrycot from day one to the sports seat for curious world explorers.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Designed in Germany Entwickelt in Deutschland


The Beqooni combistroller - designed in Germany. The highest quality materials make Beqooni. It complies with the European safety standard EN1888 and convinces in theory and practice. Through its appearance and quality.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Ökotex Zertifiziert

Special protection

Inside the Beqooni combistroller your baby touches pure cotton of the highest quality. Certified by the Ökotex standard. The UV protection also offers additional safety. Fully protected – for carefree sunbathing and enjoyment.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Sicherer Einkauf

SSL encryption

We want to build. On Beqooni and the trust of our customers. This is how we bring security to the streets and the internet. All data on our website is encrypted by SSL and protected against misuse. For a safe combistroller community. Online and offline.

Contact us

Beqooni Kinderwagen Kontakt

We have an answer for open questions. We are happy to help you further. In writing and on the phone. Better together.

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