For the fascination of stroller.
One step ahead.
Whether in the big city, in the country, or at the beach.
In everyday life and on the road. Always on the final straight
Together towards the future
Together for tomorrow.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Kreislauf
Beqooni Kinderwagen Rethink



We think further into the future. Rethinking for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow with the urban stroller for life right in the middle.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Philosophie Rethink Beqooni Kinderwagen Recycle



We digitise instead of printing. We recycle - for more sustainability. Because environmental awareness shapes quality - also in the future.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Philosophie Recycle Beqooni Kinderwagen Reconnect



We share instead of throwing away. We offer the possibility of a stroller subscription and make room for flexibility in everyday life.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Philosophie Reconnect
Beqooni Kinderwagen Prozess

The steps we take

Beqooni Kinderwagen Nachhaltige Produktion

1. Production

Your BEQOONI is made from sustainable materials and produced with a lot of care.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Mobilitätsgarantie

2. Shipping

He will be send to you with a GoGreen shipping, this way he can accompany you every day.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Freunde werben Freunde

3. We take it back

As soon as your time with your BEQOONI stroller is over, we take the stroller back.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Freunde werben Freunde

4. We recycle

We recycle the materials from your now unused BEQOONI stroller and we produce new BEQOONIs for a lot of good and sustainable happy moments.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Prozess 2

Fair Production


Beqooni is the future, at a new level.
It is the vision of combistrollers that has become a reality.
Cosmopolitan and always connected to it.
Beqooni pram pollutant reduction