Beqooni Kinderwagen Abo 3 Schritte

3 steps to the Beqooni Subscription

A service for more flexibility in everyday life, with the idea of the environment and the generation of our children - Beqooni is yours.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Abo Schritt 1

Choose your Beqooni

Choose the right pram for your needs and we will send it to you.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Abo Schritt 2

Use it

The Beqooni stroller is at your side as long as you need it - from 99 cents.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Abo Schritt 3

Send it back

Send the Beqooni back to us - we will use it again.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Abo Benefits

Go green now

Five benefits for you and our environment. Because sustainability can be so easy.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Recycle

Sustainable decision

Rent, instead of buying. Reuse instead of throwing away. We offer a service for eternity that has never existed in this form before.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Individuell

Flexible and individual

The subscription adapts to your everyday life, vacation plans, or grandma and grandpa. A pram, as individual and versatile as you.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Consulting

Without restrictions

The Beqooni Care Service is at your side, answering questions and giving you the lifetime guarantee over the entire period of use.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Home

Premium Shipping

The Beqooni stroller is conveniently delivered to your home and picked up again by us. Practical and Co2 neutral.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Hygienisch

With Hygiene Seal

We clean all washable components of the stroller to the highest hygiene standards and recycle the raw materials as needed.

Get yours

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