Beqooni Kinderwagen Freunde werben Freunde

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Share the enthusiasm for Beqooni with your friends and benefit together.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Freunde werben Freunde

The shopping experience

After purchasing your BEQOONI, your friend's e-mail address can be entered in the customer account or an invitation link can be copied and sent by yourself.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Freunde werben Freunde

Your favourite

Your favourite? Share it with your friends and give them 50 € off a purchase if they buy via your link.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Freunde werben Freunde

Your gift

In addition to the 50 € discount for your friend, you will receive a voucher worth 20 € for the Beqooni Online Shop.


Any more questions? Here you’ll find answers.

Where can I apply the function Friends Refer Friends?

After purchasing your pushchair, you can save money with your friends in your customer account under "Refer Friends".

Can the voucher be combined with other vouchers?

The voucher can also be applied to other Beqooni promotions and combined with other vouchers.

How many friends can I recruit and how much in total ?

The number of friends that can be recruited is unlimited.

When will I receive my voucher?

After your friend has bought a stroller from us in our online shop and the stroller has been sent off, your account will be credited with points, which you can then convert into a discount code over 20 €.

When will your friend recieve the voucher?

Once you have entered your friend's e-mail address or sent the link, your friend will receive the voucher and can use it directly when buying a BEQOONI.

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