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Beqooni Kinderwagen Be the Change
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Free delivery in Europe

Beqooni Kinderwagen 30 Tage Testen

Test for 30 days

Beqooni Designed in Germany

Designed in Germany

Beqooni Kinderwagen Lebenslange Garantie

Lifetime Warranty

Beqooni for future

It has the smallest folding dimensions, is reflective at night and consists of Ökotex certified and PET recycled fabrics. Off-road made for the city and the countryside. Welcome to the world of Beqooni.

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Beqooni Kinderwagen Slider 2

Proximity to the child

Beqooni Kinderwagen Slider 3

Easy handling

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Beqooni Kinderwagen Slider 4

Suitable for every terrain

All inclusive. In all situations.

Everything needed in your new life - in one package. The stroller that brings everything.

Convince yourself

The stroller that does good.

With each Beqooni stroller 58 plastic bottles are recycled to reduce plastic waste and save resources. They are cleaned, melted and processed into thin threads. They can then be sewn into the outer fabrics of the combi pram and change our world sustainably. Ready for the future? Join us.

Beqoonie Kinderwagen Rethink Beqoonie Kinderwagen Recycle Beqoonie Kinderwagen Rconnect

We think again:

We rethink - for the future. Recycling - now and in the future. Together - for our children.

Get to know BEQOONI

The innovation of safety

100% cotton, highest UV protection and certified fabrics for 100% confidence.

Beqooni Kinderwagen Kind
Beqooni Kinderwagen 100% Baumwolle

Inner fabrics made of
100% Cotton

Beqooni Kinderwagen höchster UV-Schutz 50+

highest UV protection
factor 50+

Beqooni Kinderwagen Ökotex

Certified fabrics
free from pollutants

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Level Up

In the Beqooni app all instructions are digitized as videos. Requests to the customer service can be made and you receive an overview of all orders.

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